Loan security deposit – is there?

It is often a good idea to take out a loan for the rent deposit after it involves an additional financial burden. Normally, when moving into a new apartment, you have to pay a deposit of up to three months’ rent. Many think of a loan for rent deposit after not everyone can easily raise the money. The loan for rent deposit offers itself after the purchase of new furniture, the renovation of the new and old apartment and the move costs a lot of money.

Take out a loan for a rental deposit from the house bank

Take out a loan for a rental deposit from the house bank

There are many different ways to take out a loan for rent deposit. The way to the house bank is obvious at this point, whereby previously comparable offers should be checked via a loan comparison. The so-called instant loans are available on the Internet and borrowers are given these for free use. As a rule, only a so-called small loan is required for the rental deposit.

It can be important for consumers to limit themselves to a shorter term. It has often happened that people have moved again and the deposit loan has not yet been repaid. The disposition loan can also be used for the rental deposit if there is enough air. However, it is important to note that this is quickly repaid after it has been an expensive type of liquidity acquisition in the long term.

That’s how many loan offers you get


  • Get 1-2 bank offers 22.38% of our customers
    Get 3-4 bank offers 27.80% of our customers
    Get 5-6 banking offers 24.17% of our customers
    Get 7 banking offers 25.65% of our customers

Receive a rental deposit from a surety lender

Receive a rental deposit from a surety lender

In the meantime, there are providers who have specialized in a loan for rent deposit after the problems with the rent deposit became a permanent problem. These providers provide cheap loans for the deposits. It should only be ensured that the loan can be repaid at any time and free of charge. Often, the rent deposit from the previous apartment, which has not yet been paid out during the move, can be used for the new loan at a later date.

If a Cream Bank recipient has to move

If a Hartz IV recipient has to move

The Cream Bank recipients have the problem here that they do not receive any loans. The authority already provides the financial means for the Cream Bank recipient if he has to move due to the requirements of the ARGE or if a move is necessary. The agency deposits the rental deposit with the new landlord. The rental deposit must be created by the landlord separately from his assets in a separate account. After the end of the tenancy, the deposit will be repaid with interest within six months.

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