Apply for Loans in Financial Credit Institution Listings

Not only does the Financial Credit Institutions list exist as a delinquency list, we also find the credit bureau list. But what is this kind of lists? And if I’m on a list of delinquents, can I apply for a loan? In today’s article we clear all your doubts about the request for money being on the Financial Credit Institutions list.

What is a delinquency list?

What is a delinquency list?

In a delinquent list we find registered people because they are related to non-payments to banking and financial entities and / or telephone, electrical or insurance companies, for example.

The acronym Financial Credit Institutions refers to the National Association of Financial Credit Establishments . It is the most important association in Spain in terms of delinquency list. And as we commented, it is not the only one. We also find RAI which is the Unpaid Acceptance Registry and CIRBE , the Risk Information Center that belongs to the Bank of Spain.

Traditional banks can access the information of these three associations to see if people who wish to apply for a loan are included in any of these delinquent lists for having any type of debt with a company or the bank.

To say that the process and process of being part of this delinquency list is not immediate, that is, a period of time passes between the person has not paid the corresponding debt, for example, an invoice, and at least four months pass . With the addition that this person should be informed that he has been included in the delinquency list within 30 days.

How do I know that I am on the Financial Credit Institutions list?


Any person can check if it is included in a delinquency list by contacting any of the entities directly through the means of contact available. For example, Financial Credit Institutions facilitates contact through its website, telephone, fax, email or postal mail. It can also be consulted through the financial entity through the client’s own data.

So, can I request a loan if I am on the Financial Credit Institutions list?

If the request to obtain a credit or loan is to the traditional bank, no. The moment you are part of a list of delinquents, the bank closes your doors. It is a way to minimize and avoid possible defaults on the loan repayment installments that you have been granted.

What would be the solution of not appearing on the delinquency list? Pay or be shown with real reasons that should not appear there, but mainly pay, as is logical.

But we have good news for you because, although traditional banking does not offer you help, tell you that this type of product is not exclusive to a bank, but there are other companies of financial nature in which you can apply for an Financial Credit Institutions urgent loan even if present in the Financial Credit Institutions delinquency list.

In Good Finance you can request fast money

In Good Finance you can request fast money

Even if you appear on the Financial Credit Institutions list. Our consultancy relies on each of the people who come for help to improve their economic situation. We know that it is not easy to find yourself in a difficult time and also have to face a series of debts. Therefore, with Financial Loans it is possible to request an urgent loan, paying less and getting the money in just 48 hours.

When other financial institutions request guarantees, payrolls and carry out costly procedures and long waits, in our consultancy you will be able to obtain a loan to get out of an economically complicated situation only by providing a real estate guarantee that is paid as a house, floor, villa, local, apartment, among others.

If you need advice and help, do not hesitate to contact Good Credit so that our multidisciplinary team expert in the legal and financial sector can offer you the best loan that adapts to your financial needs.

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